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About us

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do

At iDesign, we specialize in designing compelling promotional content that captures attention and informs effectively. Whether you need dynamic still ads or captivating video ads, we can tailor content perfectly suited to your business needs.

We’re here to bring your unique vision to life! Our design solutions will assist to make your vision a reality, and we’re delighted to be of assistance.

01/ Still Ads

Given all relevant information – R85. Research will add up to R100

02/ Running Ads

Starting from R100-250. 15-30 seconds. Varies from hours and content of moving ad/video promotions.

03/ Logo Creations

From scratch (Canva) – R350. Customizations R100.

04/ Other

There will be a 20% discount for more than 10 promotional ads.
Please contact us for a quote on any other promotional content.